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The leading source for all of your bearing needs.

After more than 20-years in the ball bearing business, Fast Eddy Bearings has developed into the leading bearing supplier for the hobby industry. Fast Eddy Bearings started out as a major supplier to R/C vehicle manufacturers and other hobby companies, which led them to offering its bearings directly to the end user.

Additionally, Fast Eddy Bearings have become the ideal resource for all types of manufacturers to aid in the development of products through prototyping as well as fulfilling bearing requirements for the final assembly of products. Today Fast Eddy Bearings offers over 6,000 SKUs, its bearings are available at all of the major distributors plus can be found at most hobby shops and they continue to grow.  

Fast Eddy Bearings offers the absolute highest quality bearings for an incredibly discounted price. Their items include Rubber Sealed, Metal Shielded, Open, and Flanged bearings. They offer quality metal bearings as well as ceramic bearings for when you want as little friction as possible and improved longevity. is the retail outlet for individual bearings and bearing kits.

Fast Eddy Bearings is the source for numerous industries to procure all types and sizes of bearings for manufacturing and prototyping. They have built several long lasting relationships with manufacturers, development companies and machine shops. Excellence in customer service along with providing the required product keeps their customers coming back. Regardless of the field you are in, if you need bearings, Fast Eddy Bearings has them!

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