Arrma Senton 6S BLX Sealed Bearing Kit

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  • Arrma Senton 6S BLX Sealed Bearing Kit


Arrma Senton 6S BLX Sealed Bearing Set

  • (10)     8x16x5
  • (2)       8x19x6
  • (4)     15x21x4
  • (2)       5x11x4
  • (4)       6x10x3 

You are purchasing the bearing listed above.
In many cases the bearing sizes may change depending on your particular model and the date that it was manufactured as well as different hop ups you may have installed. PLEASE DOUBLE CHECK you R/C before ordering to make sure you get all the proper bearings. We try to keep the kits updated as best as we can. If you find a variation or mistake in our kits, please contact us so we can look into it.

Part #: TFE2629

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3 Reviews

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    Excellent quality

    Posted by Vin on 6th Feb 2016

    Fast shipping, excellent quality at a great price!!

  • 5
    A better bargain than you think.

    Posted by John Bourque on 2nd Feb 2016

    I ordered 2 sets of these bearings, one for me and a friend at work, as a number of us had purchased Arrma Sentons a while ago. Our Suspension guy at the shop bought a bearing set from another place at 52.99. I found Fast Eddy's, got a set in. Being Technicians, we compared the two types of bearings on many different aspects. Milling quality, roll speed, loaded roll, unloaded roll; the whole gambit. Basically what we found is that he had spent, $20+ to get 1 extra bearing of each size. The quality of the bearings was identical in every way. Ed's just cheaper.

    The vendor that my friend ordered his bearings from is a big box R/C place. Little to no concern for the order placed. You either know what you're getting and pick the right thing or you don't. Ed knows his stuff well enough that another item I ordered with my bearing set would be wrong for the Senton. So without needing to be asked, he took care of things and tried to hook me up with the right kit.

    I think the main question that needs to be asked in these kinds of reviews is: 1 Was I satisfied, and will I use this vendor again? Between the price, quality, and customer service of Fast Eddy's, you're damn right I will be. This shit rocks.

  • 5
    Money well spent!

    Posted by Mike Allen on 15th Dec 2015

    A quality bearing kit at a great price. The stock bearings are metal shielded and the rear hubs foul very easily. Fast Eddy's bearings are rubber shielded and keep the dirt out much better. A small investment that will cut your maintenance time and add to your play time!!

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