Tekno RC NB48.2 Sealed Bearing Kit

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  • Tekno RC NB48.2 Sealed Bearing Kit


Tekno RC NB48.2 Sealed Bearing Set

  • (4)        8x16x5
  • (4)        5x11x4
  • (4)        15x21x4
  • (4)        8x16x5 Flanged
  • (8)        5x8x2.5
  • (1)        5x13x4
  • (4)        6X10X3
  • (1)        5x11x5
  • (5)        5X10X4
  • (2)        6X13X5
  • (2)        5X14X5

You are purchasing the bearing listed above.
In many cases the bearing sizes may change depending on your particular model and the date that it was manufactured as well as different hop ups you may have installed. PLEASE DOUBLE CHECK you R/C before ordering to make sure you get all the proper bearings. We try to keep the kits updated as best as we can. If you find a variation or mistake in our kits, please contact us so we can look into it.

Part #: TFE5931

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